Sunil JagadishGrew-up in India’s Silicon Valley in a tech-savvy family. As a kid, I played with ‘MS DOS‘, Windows 3.1, BASIC, LOGO¬†and was fascinated by many things like – color monitors, color printing and being able to play music on the computer (yes, that was back in the days when all this was a big deal), the result of which often was messing-up Dad’s computer. I guess all this was an early indication that a software engineer was in the making. No surprises I ended-up getting a Masters degree in computer science and I have been crunching terra bytes of data and implementing cool algorithms to do that, all along my internship and full-time job with Yahoo! Labs. Having started my career in the domain of online advertising, working on algorithms related to behavioral targeting, social network analysis, search query expansion and such, I moved on to work along the same lines with Microsoft in the bay area and that is where I am now. More on LinkedIn.

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